Friday, May 30, 2014

moved in

We have been living here for two weeks now.  Moving all our stuff from the old house to here and then unpacking is pretty much done.  We also bought used and new furniture to set up the house.  We are almost done with that part.  There is still some organizing of things that I need to do, but the rough draft is in place.  This week I took a deep sigh of relief and found pleasure in the daily routine again.  Lotus and I went to the old house several times to tie up all the loose ends there and returned the keys.  Afterwards we went to the beach and frolicked in the sea, sand, and sun.

David has found an immediate use for the back part of our property, which I refer to sometimes as "the field".  He bought an electric dirt-bike motorcycle.  He was smart to not tell me about it until it showed up here.  I probably would have said it was not necessary; however, now that it's here and Solana learned to ride it (it's just her size) I'm glad that he didn't give me a chance to protest.  It's fun, it's quiet, and it turned my cautious 9 year old into a biker!  She even gives Lotus rides on the back and taught two of her friends how to ride it.

Lotus has been spending hours riding her bicycle around the long driveway.  David makes obstacle courses with the empty cardboard boxes from the move, something I never would have thought of doing.  We are all spending much more time outdoors.  I'm grateful, grateful, grateful that we found this place.

I'm reading a book about permaculture.  It inspires me to learn more, and to become a garden farmer.  The thought is also a bit daunting since I know I would need help, both labor and advice.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's in Spring Valley, California?

David and I signed a lease for on a house on a 0.63 acre property. Doesn't sound like much but for San Diego that's a big yard. The house was built in 1926 and it's 1,024 square feet. My hope is that I will be spending most of my time outdoors.  There is a large area in the back that is not landscaped.  It has a few trees, but it is mostly a blank slate awaiting our creativity. Tomorrow we will start moving in and start our adventure in urban homesteading!