Monday, April 26, 2010

more spring pictures

at the grocery store

Solana got to hold some chicks at the mall. It reminded me of how much I liked holding chicks and ducklings when we lived with the Quechuas. Now I drive to the mall so my daughter can have that experience once a year at Easter time...

Grandma Annake and Grandpa Ed came to visit us for a week. This picture was taken at the botanical garden under the cherry tree.

Lotus warmed up to G'pa.

Lotus loves all the dogs at the park.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

spring 2010

Here are a few pictures from this spring.

This was in West Palm Beach. We went downtown for the Thursday night music and Solana had the time of her life playing in the fountain. Good thing she decided to wear a ballet leotard that night. She kept telling me, "Mom! I never had so much fun!" and then she would run back into the water.

the first time it was warm enough to turn on the fountains at Hull Park

Solana loves Eden.

Solana's favorite restaurant is the Asian buffet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

winter 2010

I just moved some photos from the camera to the computer, so I thought I would share some cute ones from January and February...

at the botanical garden

outside Marley's school; all 3 kids wanted to be inside these crates!

with Marley at the park

in our yard

static electricity on the trampoline!