Sunday, March 11, 2012

Veggies of Vero

We recieve a box of locally grown produce every week from a CSA farm called Veggies of Vero.  This bounty just shows up on our doorstep!  I can't help taking pictures of the beautiful stuff before I chop it up, blend it up, and eat it up.
This was last week's box contents.  Lotus dives right into the strawberries and they disappear the first day.
When this fennel showed up in our box, I was at a complete loss.  I looked up recipes online, and my search led me to an interesting web site that launched our home-front healthy revolution!  Here's the fennel that started it all:   

Is it normal for cauliflower to have a swirly pattern like this in the middle?  I thought it was really neat!

I had just washed these greens and laid them out to dry.  Photo-op!

Purple cauliflower to match her dress :)

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  1. Gorgeous photos! That cauliflower looks so cool. I have seen photos of cauliflowers like that before though, some even pale green and pointy in the middle. So pretty.