Saturday, June 29, 2013

House Tour

 Here is your photo tour of the inside of our house here in San Diego.  Next time I'll show you what the outside looks like.  This is Lotus in the family room, adjacent to the kitchen.  Behind me are doors to the screened patio.
 This is the other view of the family room.  The hot tub is out on the patio awaiting repair for a leak.  Anyway, we spend a lot of time in here since it's next to the kitchen and has lots of light.  We play board games, have snacks, read books, and make fires for hot dogs.

 Here is the rest of the kitchen.  I love the big windows over the sink.  The morning light comes streaming in to wake me up and warm me up.  I have a rainbow maker there too.  The stove is electric, but I'm getting used to it.  The fridge is magnetic (unlike our last one), so it got covered fast.  There is a large pantry and coat closet to the left.  The door leads to the front room (dining room.)
 This is the front room, which we use as a dining room/art and crafts room.  I was going to clear off the table for the photo but I didn't get around to it.  I have a desk at the far end with the laptop in it, but it also has an ironing board on it at the moment--for melty beads, not laundry!

 Lots of light comes in these windows, which overlook our front yard and Cowles Mountain.  The front door is next to that fan.  There's enough space next to the table for dancing!
 This is Lotus' room!  This built-in shelving was a great bonus.  The drawers underneath have the dress-up clothes.
 The kids spend lots of time in here.  Solana did the zebra and giraffe paintings.  Lotus grabbed a bunch of frames and nick-knacks while I was unpacking and set them up in there.

 This mirror came with us from our Savannah house.  The door there leads to the garage.  The dresser is from 1952, and Lotus loves it.  It has a little wardrobe section on the right.
 Our bedroom.  The window doesn't open because there is an air conditioner installed in it, so we basically only come in here at night or for naps.  One of the bathrooms is off of this room, and the other one is in the hallway.  I didn't take any pictures of the bathrooms; they're not very interesting!
 This is David's room.  It has all the guy stuff in it.  We girls enjoy coming in here too, though.  He has a comfy couch and we have a family movie night on Friday or Saturday nights.
 Here are David's desk and photo albums.
 Solana's room!  She made the fish hanging from the ceiling.  It even has a baby!  The stuffed animals are in the closet (reduced inventory.)
This is the girls' bunk bed.  Solana picked out the outer-space sheets to go with her blanket.  Astronomy isn't just for boys!  Lotus picked out the horse sheets.  The desk is much bigger than shown.  Solana listens to cds and makes art here to her heart's content.  She has a view of the orange tree.  "Uni" the unicorn is on Lotus' bunk.

Come visit us!

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  1. The house looks awesome. It's good to see pictures of the girls. I sure do miss them. Can't wait to come for a visit.