Sunday, July 7, 2013

end of May, June 2013

Here are pictures from the last month or so.  The first one is Solana looking out over Indian River in Florida.  This was our last bike ride over the bridge, so we stopped to take pictures.

Here are the girls at the Orlando airport, leaving Florida.

You can barely see Lotus here, waiting for Solana outside the Junior Theater in San Diego.

Double piggy-back ride!

 David is fishing in the background.

 Here is Solana at a birthday party for a friend she made in the homeschool group.  Solana is planning to go to school in the fall, but I still get to homeschool Lotus!

Lotus made this "horse" and her name is Pretty Cool.

This was Solana's first day of crocheting.  She made a very long chain.  Then she learned slip stitch and single crochet, and her next project was a pot holder, which is still a WIP.  Then she made part of her Halloween costume, which I cannot show you yet!

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