Tuesday, June 10, 2014

playing in the back yard

We have been living here for almost 4 weeks now.  I still plan on growing some of our own food, but we are going to ease into that instead of diving in at full speed.  My current focus for the space is play, relaxation,  connecting with nature, and exercise.  With that in mind, we put up two hammocks in the shade, arranged some log pieces as stepping stones and borders for a sand pit, and planted some sunflower seeds.  I also picked a spot for the compost pile.  I have composted in a wire hoop before, and in a revolving drum.  This time I decided to go with the loose pile because it's free, it's simple, it has more room to grow, and I could get started composting right away.  I put it under the ficus tree because it will stay moister in the shade, and because there is already a pile of leaves there from the ficus, and because it's close to the house.  David brought home 7 straw bales which are currently set up as a fort for the kids.  He also fixed the wheelbarrow, provided hoses for irrigation, and gave the kids bows and arrows.  They have been playing "Native Americans" ever since.  Solana and I have both shot arrows into two different neighbors' yards, so we have had opportunities to meet some of our neighbors.  I had no idea I could shoot that far.

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