Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Costa Rica

We just got back from a week in Costa Rica visiting Gina and her kids, Sophia (almost 5) and Melissa (2 months). We went down there with Dana (Nana) and Uncle Bill. We stayed in Jaco near the beach. One day, David and Uncle Bill and Lotus and I made a trip to the volcano Arenal to visit the hot springs there. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this place because it was raining and I didn't want to get the camera wet. Besides, pictures would not have done justice. This was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. There was hot water flowing in streams and waterfalls and pools, all surrounded by lush landscape and flowers. Paradise. Anyway, the pictures I did take are on Snapfish. You can view them here: http://www5.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=2623531008/a=41827066_41827066/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
The best part of the trip was watching Solana and Sophia play together. It brought a tear to my eye sometimes. Here is a little glimpse for you...

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  1. awesome!!!
    I loved all the photos of the cousins together!! You can see how in sync Solana and Sofia are just by their body language. So many great pictures!
    Miss you!